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Stephen Somple


02/03/19 - 03/07/19

Opening February 3 2109


Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Before turning his full attention to fine art, Stephen Somple apprenticed as a silversmith, fabricating and restoring traditional hollowware. In dialogue with the techniques of the metal arts, his work seeks to isolate interactions between the basic elements of art, with an emphasis on process, craft, and chance. 

​Colossal Youth Exhibitions is pleased to present our second exhibition "Discrete / Discreet". Somple will present new graphite works on canvas and paper as well as one of his more recognizable large oxidized brass works. These works push the edges of what it is we think we are looking at by questioning what appears to be a solid space can morph in an instant to become an open abyss. These works present multitudes and do so generously I was reminded of the quote in Italo Calvinos Lecture on Multiplicity where when he discusses Goethe’s aspiration to write a novel about the universe he quotes Lichtenberg saying, "I believe a poem about empty space could achieve sublimity." (Calvino, six memos for the next millennium p138) I believe Somple approaches the sublime in the works presented here quietly but assertively presenting a position with which to ponder at your leisure, which I hope you all come and enjoy.
Thank You 

Colossal Youth / Paul Wackers

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Stephen Somple

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