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Colossal Youth Exhibitions is pleased to present our sixth exhibition. Opening this Sunday September 15th 2019 from 2-5pm and open for public viewing hours every Sunday there after from 3-6pm and by appointment thru October 27th 2019



Describing a view of the city to someone who has just arrived. Making them think of light pollution in a different way. Brightening the night sky with streetlights and other artificial sources—a major side effect of urbanization. Simmering environment, electrifying planes and glowing from within. The city is bleak, but it’s warm inside.

Running gear is high-vis. Would paint in 3M if she could, but can’t just use silver—color pencils look like spray bottles. Hot pink neon, alien/angelic. Jogging as a quiet reflective moment. Sneaking out for a midnight snack. Looking around in awe—it’s romantic to be in a new city. Showing what inhabits it, not just the structure itself.

Giving the atmosphere a good name. Toxic as a compliment. Hair tied in pony tail. Inverting colors like the city—night time is just day time. Reverse evaporating into hard edges. Making darkness a safe space. It’s OK for people. Going out for a little peek. Late at night is the best time to run around New York.

—Lucas Page, August 2019

Leigh Ruple: Gallery
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