Jee Barton
03/10/19 - 04/04/19
Opening March 10 2019

"Jee's works are made one at a time, often complicating and amending a previous concept or form, blooming anew. They are planned with a mathematic and measured framework yet performed with a visceral verve, their structure loosening and fluctuating in their creation. Color is treated as a pragmatic tool, like an exponential take on Albers, while radiating her intuitive, seemingly synesthetic relationship with it. They are heard as much as they are read, felt as much as they are seen. For all of their movement, there are no tricks in their making and each is laid bare for the viewer to interpret. Both intoxicating and sober, each work's personality reveals itself in a shifting understanding of reality." Chris Barton



Jee Barton

Lives and works in New York City


2011                MFA School of Visual Arts                New York, New York                   

2009                BFA California College of Arts          San Francisco, California


2013                ACID SUMER, curated by Matthew Craven, DCKT,  New York, NY             

2009                CAL JAM TOO, curated by Keith Boadwee,

                        Blank Space Gallery,  Oakland, California

                        CHILDEREN OF THE REVOLUTION, curated by Keith Boadwee, 

Federal Art Project,  Los Angeles, California


29 Orient Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA



"Reverse Additive Checkerboard" Ink on Paper Framed, 24"x18" 2019